Cost Segregation
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Any type of commercial or residential rental property placed in service after December 31, 1986 will qualify for a cost segregation study.

Additionally, any size property will qualify. However, the cost / beneļ¬t analysis may prohibit lower valued properties from being good candidates for cost segregation. Typically, cost segregation starts to make sense for properties that have a depreciable cost basis of $1 million or more, although there are certainly exceptions. Weinstein has conducted numerous studies where the basis was less than $500,000.


While property owners and their tax advisors routinely use cost segregation following completion of a new building or acquisition of an existing building, there are additional applications for this strategy that apply throughout the various stages of real estate ownership and development

In addition cost segregation may provide for or assist with the following:

  New Construction



  Leasehold Improvements

  Look-back Studies