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  Central Pennsylvania
Property Transfers
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Changes in the distribution of Pennsylvania's population — largely toward the state's southeastern quadrant — reflect challenges that policymakers need to address to promote and maintain statewide prosperity, suggests a new report.

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In a tax case involving two Delaware County school districts and more than 20 billboards along I-95 and Route 322, a Pennsylvania appeals court overturned a
long-accepted property-tax exemption for billboards in counties outside Philadelphia.

School district property taxes are the ones that get the most attention from
lawmakers in Harrisburg. Here are five things that stand in the way — plus a look at how a recent constitutional amendment gives lawmakers more options.

Shuttered retail real estate assets can find new life as warehouses and e-commerce distribution centers, reported CBRE, Los Angeles. CBRE studied 24 such conversion projects across the U.S. It found different types of retail-to-
warehouse conversions including demolition of obsolete malls to be rebuilt as warehouses in Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and several markets in Ohio.
With late 2018 jitters gone and investor optimism returning, the commercial
real estate market should experience mostly steady cap rates through the first half of 2019, although there are particular market segments and geographies that could experience some bumps.


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